Attend the Biobanking Congress (25—26 October 2018, London, UK)

Written by RegMedNet

Oxford Global’s Biobanking Congress brings together over 400 leading biobanking, biomarker and sample management experts.

Join Oxford Global’s Biobanking Congress on the 25 — 26 October 2018 in London The Congress joins our Cell Series that comprises the 7th Annual Cell Culture & Bioprocessing, 5th Annual Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine and 4th Annual Cell & Gene Therapy Congresses.

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Across two days, over 150 leading biobanking, biomarker and sample management experts will come together to discuss the most recent developments within the industry.  The Biobanking congress will bring together key speakers from Europe’s leading biorepositories and biobanks to explore key insights into biosample management, standards, quality management as well as future advances in areas such as regulations and collaboration. Pertinent to the importance of Biobanking in discovery and clinical development, we look at the role it plays in biomarker and translational development. The presentations by leading pharmaceutical companies will feature biobanking and case studies in biomarker-driven clinical trials and the role that biobanking plays in driving precision medicine.

Include 2 interactive streams:

  • Day 1: Biobanking Regulation, Biospecimen, Standards and Novel Methods in Sample Management
  • Day 2: Biobanking in Biomarkers, Clinical Trials and Precision Medicine

Biobanking Live Webinar 2018:

Biopreservation and Biosample Handling Hosted by Maria Hernandez-Fuentes, Head of Translation Biology for Immunology, UCB. Register for free today >>

For more information contact [email protected] or join the congress conversation on Twitter @biobanking_conf or our Biobanking Networking LinkedIn Group