Cell therapy weekly: CCRM Enterprises launched to invest in regenerative medicine technology

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This week: CCRM (Toronto, Canada) has launched for-profit CCRM Enterprises Inc. to begin investing in regenerative medicine technology, solutions provider Be The Match BioTherapies® (MN, USA) begins a collaboration with Vineti (CA, USA) to further solution capabilities, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific Inc. (CA, USA) opens an influential European manufacturing facility and ISPE (MD, USA) publishes the first guidelines for advanced therapy medicinal products. 

The news highlights:

CCRM establishes CCRM Enterprises as part of for-profit endeavors

Leading in the development and commercialization of regenerative medicine technologies alongside cell and gene therapies, CCRM (Toronto, Canada) has launched CCRM Enterprises Inc. The launch intends to separate not-for-profit and for-profit activities by the company. The Enterprise intends to invest in early-stage regenerative medicine technologies, cell and gene companies and more. It is hoped the two companies work together in order to help regenerative medicine and cell and gene therapy in Canada. 

Cynthia Lavoie, President and CIO at CCRM Enterprises, suggests that the move will pull “all the necessary components to vet, de-risk and develop high potential, early-stage ventures as they scale up along the development and commercialization pathway – a unique offering.” 

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Be The Match BioTherapies® and Vineti begin collaboration to develop cell and gene therapy chain management solutions

Be The Match BioTherapies® (MN, USA), a leader in development and commercialization solutions specifically for cell and gene therapies, has announced a collaboration with Vineti (CA, USA). The California-based company provides a digital platform for cell and gene therapy supply chains, and it is hoped this collaboration streamlines the scale supply chain management further.

Amy DuRoss, CEO and Co-founder of Vineti highlighted her hopes for the collaboration: “we’ll be able to offer a solution that reduces timelines to the clinic, while allowing CGT developers to simplify and scale operations with best-in-case expertise, services, and digital tools.”

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FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific opens monumental European manufacturing facility

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific Inc. (CA, USA) has announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Tilburg (The Netherlands), joining additional locations in the USA and Japan. The new facility is hoped to become a hub for cell culture media products in both European and global markets, alongside fulfilling an overarching goal to meet growing demand.

Yutaka Yamaguchi, Chairman and CEO of FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific stated the company “was determined to provide customers in Europe with local service that strengthens the supply chain and increases manufacturing capacity. It is extremely rewarding to see this commitment realized.”

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ISPE publishes first guide for advanced therapy medicinal products

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE; MD, USA) announced their first guide about the development and design of manufacturing facilities for advanced therapy medicinal products. The therapies include manipulation of cell, tissues and genomes. In order to keep up with the continued growth in technology and equipment, the guide provides an all-around industry insight. 

With this guidance, it is hoped that the medical benefit of advanced therapy medicinal products will surface. Guide Lead Jeff Odum of NCBioSource (NC, USA), stated that: “Science has promised this [autologous products] for years; it is now delivering on the promise, and it gives new promise and hope to patients that have rare conditions or diseases. It is a game-changer.”

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