Discovery track at WSCS14

Written by Alexandra Thompson

Presenting the latest scientific discoveries and trends coming from laboratories around the world

The Summit Discovery track presents the latest scientific discoveries and trends coming from laboratories around the world. What are the long-term clinical implications? Some of the subject matter will include presentations relating to pluripotency, disease models, perinatal cells, adult stem cells, cancer cells, cord blood, genomics, screening and bioengineering. Consideration will be given to clinical product thinking at early discovery stages, with a focus on the initial product, manufacturing, standardization, safety and regulatory concerns. It is not simply bench to bedside…but bench to industry to bedside.

Some topics within the Discovery track expected to be covered at the Summit are:

  • Exciting discoveries in pluripotency
  • Using stem cells to tame cancer
  • The science of perinatal stem cells: cord blood, placental cells and Wharton’s jelly
  • Utilizing stem cells in the effective treatment of heart disease
  • The science of gene editing
  • Stem cells for disease modeling
  • Discovering the root cause of disease
  • Neurological solutions for chronic medical conditions
  • The third pillar of pluripotency: somatic cell nuclear transfer
  • Stem cells and mental health
  • Stem cells for oral health-the growth of regenerative endontics

Personally, I’m very intrigued to hear about stem cells and mental health, as it is an area I would like to know more on. As approx 1 in 4 are believed to be affected by mental health problems in their lifetime, and it is estimated that only about 17% of US adults are considered to be in a state of optimal mental health, it is certainly an area deserving of more attention.

Hopefully the content within this track will not just present on some exciting new laboratory discoveries, but also highlight the importance of analyzing a product then thoroughly planning how it will get to the clinic from the very start of its development, to increase the chance of successfully generating a product that reaches clinics.

Keep up to date with the program by viewing the agenda here.