Dragon’s Den

Written by Curtis Asante

UKRMP Niche Hub & UKRMP Immunomodulation Hub Commercialisation Workshop, Thursday 23rd February 2017

The UKRMP Niche Hub and Immunomodulation Hub held a Dragons Den Commercialisation Workshop on Thursday 23rd February 2017 at the Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at KCL, London. The morning session included informative talks from a panel of industry experts; presentation topics focused on translation of research. The panel then judged 6 pitches from UKRMP researchers during the afternoon session. The winner of the workshop was Dr Kate Cameron (Hay Group, CRM, Edinburgh) who presented “Cytochroma: Stem cell derived liver cells in a screening platform to identify toxic compounds ”. The runner up was Dr Yvonne Reinwald (El Haj Group, Keele) who presented “MechaScan: linking bioreactor technology with Optical Coherence Elastography”. Both of these pitches will now take part in the TERMIS Business Plan Competition