Dream partnership holds promise for the identification of disease causes, cures and preventions

Written by Adam Price-Evans

A collaboration between NYSCF Research Institute and the Personal Genomes Project has led to the availability of a unique fully-sequenced stem cell line resource

The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF; NY, USA) Research Institute and the Personal Genomes Project (PGP; MA, USA) have announced the availability of a new resource of fully sequenced stem cell lines openly accessible to research scientists from all types of organizations across the globe including academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, independent research consortia, and non-profit institutes.

The stem cell lines originate from skin samples volunatarily provided by PGP participants which were then reprogrammed to produce induced pluripotent stem cell lines using the NYSCF Global Stem Cell Arrayâ„¢. This NYSCF-developed robotic technology is utilized to standardize and up-scale the production of stem cell lines ten-fold and reduce variability by over one third compared to manual cell line derivation.

“The stem cell lines resulting from this important collaboration will accelerate research globally. They are a valuable resource for many different types of research and I am pleased that we are able to make this important resource available to the scientific community,” stated Susan Solomon (NYSCF CEO and Co-founder).

George Church (PGP Founder) noted that, “This milestone enables PGP, as the first truly open-access human bio-data resource, and as partner with NIST, FDA and NIH-ENCODE, to now put diverse stem cells in the hands of researchers and students worldwide, to develop new tissue and organ systems, to test new therapies and determine the diagnostic significance of millions of previously unknown DNA variations.”