Editors’ top 5 pieces from 2019

Written by RegMedNet

The Editors of RegMedNet have collated our top five content pieces of the year for your pleasure.

Alex’s recommendations:

Gene therapy in practice: current and future uses — November 28 2019 — Producing the infographic from our gene therapy survey and being involved in the subsequent panel was incredibly informative. It provided some shocking statistics about the current field, like the fact 18.2% of respondents are working on neurological conditions!

Gene therapy dampens epileptic seizures in early tests — October 31 2019 — The paper from Regine Heilbronn (Charité- Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany) was a huge moment for me. Despite being one of the early pieces of news I worked on, the concept of a ‘release-on-demand’ gene therapy for epilepsy, which incorporates the over-activity of the neurons into the therapy, really captured the imagination.

Freya’s recommendations:

Peek behind the paper: Preparing regenerative therapies for clinical application: proposals for responsible translation — March 21 2019 — Meeting Shane Shapiro at Phacilitate Leaders World and learning about the hard work being done at the Mayo Clinic (MN, USA) with their Regenerative Medicine Consult Service was so interesting. It’s a great example of lots of stakeholders coming together to share knowledge for the benefit of patients. The original paper was also published in our partner journal, Regenerative Medicine!

Stem Cell Awareness Day 2019 — October 10 2019 — One of the challenges with regenerative medicine is communicating a clear message to the public when there are so many variables and flavours. Stem Cell Awareness Day is a campaign that seeks to draw attention to the advances and remaining challenges in the field, and this year we posed some frequently asked questions about stem cells to our colleagues. Some of their answers certainly surprised us!

Cell therapy weekly: Scott Gottlieb resigns from FDA — March 7 2019 — The news in March that former US FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb was stepping down certainly came as a surprise. Gottlieb was notable for his tougher stance on unproven stem cell clinics, with the US FDA sending out more warning letters and even taking some to court.