Emily Whitehead Foundation and Phacilitate to hold yacht party fundraiser at Phacilitate Leaders World in Miami

Written by RegMedNet

Phacilitate Leaders World (January 22-25, Miami, FL, USA) is co-located with the World Stem Cell Summit.

In an effort to bring more awareness to pediatric cancer immunotherapy research, the Emily Whitehead Foundation and London-based Phacilitate are joining together to hold a one of a kind fundraising event in Miami, Florida on January 24, 2019. The exclusive event will take place during Phacilitate Leaders World iconic yacht party, and will attract international immuno-oncology and cell and gene therapy industry leaders. 

“We are pleased to support the Emily Whitehead Foundation, a prominent leader in pediatric cancer immunotherapy research. We hope that in doing so, awareness will be brought to the cause,” said Michael Adeniya, Director of Advanced Therapies at Phacilitate.

“It is an honor to have Phacilitate recognize the Emily Whitehead Foundation as a leading foundation for pediatric cancer immunotherapy,” said Tom Whitehead, co-founder of the Emily Whitehead Foundation. “We hope this fundraiser is just the start to our collaboration with the Phacilitate team, as well as the mark of a new chapter for EWF as an internationally recognized pediatric cancer foundation.”

Since being launched in 2015, the Emily Whitehead Foundation has been committed to increasing awareness for and supporting further research and development of pediatric cancer immunotherapy treatments. To date, the Emily Whitehead Foundation has raised over $1 million and funded several grants for advanced CAR-T cell therapy research.

“The money that gets raised by the Emily Whitehead Foundation goes where the donors expect it to–to help further the development of cancer treatments that are less toxic and have less long-term, negative side effects,” says Whitehead. “Our goal for this fundraiser is, as it always is, to raise funds for more research. We want to help make it possible for kids all over the world to have access to life-saving immunotherapy treatments.”

The Emily Whitehead Foundation will receive $50 of every ticket sold to the yacht fundraiser. In addition, attendees will have opportunities to donate and participate in a silent auction on board.

For more information on the Emily Whitehead Foundation yacht fundraiser and tickets, click here