Event preview: CAR-TCR Summit Europe

Written by RegMedNet

The CAR-TCR Summit Europe will be held 20-22 February, London, United Kingdom and will cover the complete development and delivering pipeline.

CAR-TCR Summit Europe, the dedicated end-to-end summit focused on delivering safe, effective and commercially successful CAR-TCR cell therapies, returns to London, UK in February 2018. This year’s event focuses on global distribution, European regulations and improving the underwhelming performance of CAR-TCR therapies in solid tumor indications.

The CAR-TCR Summit Europe brings you access to the leaders in this field and the hub of companies creating novel innovations in Europe. It sets the stage for visionary leaders to transform the commercial and clinical delivery of cancer immunotherapeutics, and showcases an incredible speaker line up from the likes of Kite Pharma, Juno Therapeutics, Atara Biotherapeutics, Celgene, Leucid Bio, Servier, Adaptimmune, T-Knife, Cellectis, Medigene and more.

The main topics this year include:

  • Solid tumors: You will hear about the novel innovations being implemented to drive the killing potential of CAR-TCR therapies in solid tumor indications with Leucid Bio and T-Knife.
  • Safety: You will learn how to ensure adverse events and that toxic side effects are overcome to guarantee the safety profiles of these life-changing therapies, and ensure accessibility to broader patient populations with Pfizer and Celgene.
  • Manufacturing: Miltenyi Biotec will highlight the most important aspects of manufacturing scale up alongside automation innovation to reduce COGs.
  • Regulations: You will learn how to navigate the regulatory minefield in Europe to ensure successful market approval of your therapeutic with the Chair of the CAT.
  • Commercialization: You will hear from Kite Pharma and their initial commercial experience in the field.
  • Lessons learned: You will find out the clinical development lessons from Novartis and their advanced programs.     

The CAR-TCR Summit Europe will help you to progress your therapeutic through research, the clinic and through to the market by teaching you:

  • a novel way to identify new TCR targets utilizing humanized TCR animal models for highly efficient generation and selection of TCRs for virtually any human tumor antigen to improve the targeting of your engineered cell therapy for improved efficacy of therapeutics.
  • how to treat infectious disease and autoimmune conditions with engineered T cell immunotherapies to improve and expand the number of indications where T cell therapies can be effective.
  • how to build and design clinical programs for cell immunotherapies based on experience from running successful Kymriah trials globally, so you can avoid the mistakes in your trials and learn from the front runners.
  • how to run clinical programs in solid tumor trials across multiple conditions to effectively deliver an autologous cell product to multiple patients across many indications.
  • how CAR-T therapy dose can impact efficacy and toxicity of the therapeutic to ensure we have safer therapeutic and reduce the risk of off target effects.
  • how to make off-the-shelf industrialized CAR-TCR Therapies to reduce the COGs and improve the affordability of T cell therapies.
  • how CAR gene delivery to T cells in vivo can become possible and reduce the cost of viral vector based gene engineering improving overall turnaround time of products.
  • how to ensure the affordability and accessibility of CAR-TCR therapies so we can make these therapies a realty for all patients across the globe. 

The CAR-TCR Summit Europe is your opportunity to network, interact and learn from the leaders in the field. Join us on 20-22 February at the Tower Hotel in London, United Kingdom.

For those looking to attend, there is currently up to £300 early bird saving online, which expires on 26th January, 2018.

Further information, including a full speaker line-up and detailed agenda, is available online here.