iPSC production survey infographic

The results of our survey are in – discover what techniques scientists around the world are using to produce iPSCs and the challenges they’re facing.

s part of our spotlight on iPSC production, we carried out a survey to discover more on how researchers are producing and using iPSCs, including a general overview of stage of research and aims, the techniques, technologies and tools being used, and translation challenges. We now have the results of our survey! We had a great response, so thank you to everyone who took part. Please view the infographic below.

You can also register now for on our online panel discussion, for expert analysis of key results and discussion of the field by Lia Kent (Scientific Training and Support, Biological Industries USA), Yvonne Mica (Business Development Consultant – Stem Cells, Thermo Fisher Scientific), Fiona Watt (Director, Center for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine at King’s College London) and Scott Noggle (Senior Vice President, Research, The New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute).

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