Innovation Showcase track at WSCS14

Written by Alexandra Thompson

Presenting the latest trends in innovative technologies, products and services advancing regenerative medicine

The Innovation Showcase track will present the latest trends in innovative technologies, products and services advancing regenerative medicine. Topics will include building the core laboratory, storage technology trends, cell manufacturing, CRO’s, CMO’s, cell culture, imaging, genomic analysis, robotics, data analysis and scientific computing. Additional focus on qualification, characterization and dose of products; defining quality systems to meet manufacturing, regulatory, clinical trial needs, specialized expertise, training and sharing data.

Some specific topics within the Innovation Showcase track expected to be covered at the Summit are:

  • Tools of the trade: crucial technologies for the core lab
  • Shipping and logistics: getting it right the first time
  • Biofabrication: advanced manufacturing technologies for tissue engineering
  • Missing link for successful trials: the non-human primate imperative
  • Selecting the right CRO/CMO partner (supported by bioscience technology)
  • Storage technology trends
  • Cell culture: finding the right formulas for your laboratory
  • Data analysis needs in regenerative medicine
  • Reimbursement and insurance for regmed and cell banking business models
  • CCRM industry discussion
  • Cell sorting

These topics cover various stages in the development pipeline, from cell culture to delivery, but every step requires precise control and optimization in order to generate regenerative medicine products. Discussion of the latest technologies within these individual areas or stages should help improve our understanding of best available processes or practices and therefore advance the overall development and delivery pipeline.

Keep up to date with the program by viewing the agenda here.