Light-triggered RNA release and induction of hMSC osteogenesis via photodegradable, dual-crosslinked hydrogels

Written by Nanomedicine

Research Article aiming to engineer a photodegradable hydrogel system for actively controlled release of bioactive unmodified RNA at designated time points to induce hMSC osteogenesis, by Cong Truc Huynh, Minh Khanh Nguyen, Mantas Naris, Gulen Yesilbag Tonga, Vincent M Rotello, Eben Alsberg (Case Western Reserve University, OH, USA). RNAs have the potential to activate tissue repair though post-transcription regulation of gene expression and therefore to modulate processes such as differentiation. However, challenges such as stability and their short half-lives in vivo hinder their efficacy, and effective delivery mechanisms are required. In this Research Article, Cong Truc Huynh, Minh Khanh Nguyen,...

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