Multipotential stromal cell abundance in cellular bone allograft: comparison with fresh age-matched iliac crest bone and bone marrow aspirate

Written by Regenerative Medicine

Free to access primary research paper by Baboolal et al. from the latest Regenerative Medicine issue

Aim: To enumerate and characterize multipotential stromal cells (MSCs) in a cellular bone allograft and compare with fresh age-matched iliac crest bone and bone marrow (BM) aspirate.

Materials & methods: MSC characterization used functional assays, confocal/scanning electron microscopy and whole-genome microarrays. Resident MSCs were enumerated by flow cytometry following enzymatic extraction.

Results: Allograft material contained live osteocytes and proliferative bone-lining cells defined as MSCs by phenotypic and functional capacities. Without cultivation/expansion, the allograft displayed an ‘osteoinductive’ molecular signature and the presence of CD45-CD271+CD73+CD90+CD105+MSCs; with a purity over 100-foldthat of iliac crest bone. In comparison with BM, MSC numbers enzymatically released from 1g of cellular allograft were equivalent to approximately 45 ml of BM aspirate.

Conclusion: Cellular allograft bone represents a unique nonimmune material rich in MSCs and osteocytes. This osteoinductive graft represents an attractive alternative to autograft bone or composite/synthetic grafts in orthopedics and broader regenerative medicine settings.

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