Nano Dimension teams up with Accellta to advance 3D bioprinting research

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Collaborative stem cell printing approach demonstrates promise in feasibility study

Israeli 3D printing company Nano Dimension has announced its first venture into the field of 3D bioprinting through a collaboration with stem cell culturing solutions provider Accellta Ltd. (Israel).

“Accellta and Nano Dimension have joined forces in this initial trial to evaluate and adapt the joint potential of our technologies,” explained Itzchak Angel, CEO of Accellta. “We hope and believe that this will bring the mutual capabilities and know-how of both companies to create 3D bioprinting solutions that combine a high precision, high-throughput printer with dedicated bio-ink technologies, derived from stem cells. By enabling high precision 3D bioprinting and differentiation of stem cells into required tissues, our combined technologies have the potential to enable vast areas of development. We are very excited about these initial results and what the future holds.”

Conducted over the first half of this year, a collaborative feasibility study has thus far successfully demonstrated ability to 3D print viable stem cells.

“3D printing of living cells is a technology that is already playing a significant role in medical research, but in order to reach its full potential, for the field to evolve further, there is a need to improve printing speeds, print resolution, cell control and viability as well as cell availability and bio-ink technologies,” explained Nano Dimension CEO Amit Dror. “By combining our high speed, high precision inkjet capabilities with Accellta’s stem cell suspension technologies and induced differentiation capabilities led by a world-renown group of experienced engineers and scientists, we can enable 3D printing at high resolution and high volumes.”

There is suggestion that this research could evolve into a joint venture, will both companies keen to investigate future bioprinting solutions.

Written by Hannah Wilson

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