New collaboration will develop and deliver novel ulcerative colitis treatment

Written by Freya Leask

Regentys and Cook Biotech will work together to develop an extracellular matrix hydrogel-based therapy.

A new partnership, between Regentys (FL, USA) and Cook Biotech Inc. (IN, USA), will aim to develop a novel treatment for ulcerative colitis. Under the terms of a signed letter of intent, Cook Biotech will develop and manufacture Regentys’ licensed clinical product, ECMHâ„¢ Rectal Solution which will be utilized in first-in-man clinical studies conducted by Regentys in 2018.

Ulcerative colitis is characterized by chronic diarrhea, pain, bleeding, urgency and an elevated risk of cancer. ECMH Rectal Solution is an extracellular matrix hydrogel that is delivered directly to the affected area as a liquid that gels upon reaching body temperature, forming a protective barrier that acts as a scaffold for natural tissue recovery to occur, and has previously been demonstrated to regenerate the mucosal layer, reduce inflammation and ulceration, and restore the cell barrier function. As part of the partnership, Cook Biotech has become a stakeholder in Regentys.

“We are excited to partner with a world-class organization like Cook Biotech,” explained Regentys Chief Business Officer Brian Andersen. “We have been working with the outstanding team at Cook Biotech for the last several months to complete the technology transfer of our product in order to scale our manufacturing for our clinical program, which will begin in the second half of 2018.”

“This is a unique application of ECM that will help treat a very debilitating disease,” commented Cook Biotech President Umesh Patel. “We’re looking forward to working with the team at Regentys to bring this product to market.”