New patent issued for technology for counting and evaluating therapeutic adult tissue stem cells

Written by Freya Leask

Biotechnology start-up company Asymmetrex has been granted the first patent for specific quantification of adult tissue stem cells and certification of agents that affect their function.

For the first time, the specific number and functions of tissue stem cells in complex preparations like experimental or treatment samples will be quantifiable. Through recently patented technology utilizing simple total cell count data from serially passaged cell cultures, Asymmetrex (MA, USA) hopes to meet a major unmet need in the stem cell research industry. The desired data is extracted with proprietary computer simulation software developed with partner AlphaSTAR Corporation (CA, USA).

Launching a new contract research service, the AlphaSTEM Test Service, Asymmetrex founder and director James Sherley commented, “we can provide stem cell producer companies simple methods for producing twice as many stem cells, in half the time, at 5% or less the cost.”

The new service will be available to users in tissue stem cell research and medicine, and several national and international academic labs are now beta-testing the counting technology for quantifying stem cells in tissues of different animal species. Asymmetrex estimates that utilizing this service to determine the dose and quality of stem cells could save many USA pharmaceutical companies hundreds of millions of dollars in unnecessary animal studies and clinical trials.

This technology could also be utilized in the development of stem cell therapies. A major current challenge in developing a viable stem cell transplantation treatment is producing tissue cells of a sufficient number and quality. The AlphaSTEM technology could allow the number of stem cells to be monitored throughout the production processes and could also be utilized to design more efficient and effective production methods.