NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array Brings Precision Medicine One Step Closer to the Clinic

Written by New York Stem Cell Foundation

NYSCF designs revolutionary, high-throughput robotic platform for transforming patient samples into stem cells

NYSCF designed and has built a revolutionary, high-throughput robotic platform that automates and standardizes the process of transforming patient samples into stem cells. This one-of-a-kind system addresses challenges that face the entire field, and is now an essential resource that NYSCF provides in collaborations with leading academic and industry partners around the world.

In a paper just published in Nature Methods, NYSCF scientists demonstrated how the NYSCF Global Stem Cell Arrayâ„¢, for the first time ever, gives researchers the scale to look at diverse populations and draw meaningful conclusions. This breakthrough technology will allow researchers to better understand the underlying causes of disease and, ultimately, create individually tailored treatments for patients.

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