Cells of the innate and adaptive immune systems and molecules such as antibodies and cytokines are playing an essential role in both fighting against and causing various diseases including cancers, autoimmune diseases, allergies and infectious diseases. The ability to manipulate these complex players of the immune system for disease control is a success for some, challenge for many and dream for most currently incurable diseases.

Many aspects of the immune system and mechanisms of immune-modulated therapies remain to be elucidated in order to exploit fully the emerging opportunities. Those involved in the research and clinical applications of immunotherapy are challenged by the huge and intricate volumes of knowledge arising from this fast-evolving field. Immunotherapy offers the scientific community an interdisciplinary forum, providing them with concise and most recent advances of various aspects of immunotherapeutics to aid navigation of this complex field.

Articles published in Immunotherapy (Impact Factor: 2.716 [2016]) include key areas such as:

  • Cancer immunotherapy, including cancer vaccines and passive immunotherapeutic approaches
  • Combined chemo/radioimmunotherapy in cancer treatment
  • Restorative immunotherapy for AIDS and other immunocompromised patients
  • Suppressive immunotherapy for autoimmunity diseases and transplantation
  • Allergy vaccines
  • Basic science of immunotherapeutic approaches
  • Drug–immune system interactions
  • Drug delivery systems, drug combinations and drug–drug interactions
  • Summaries evaluating newly approved immunotherapeutic agents
  • Newly identified immune targets of drugs
  • Results of recent findings and clinical trials relevant to the field of immunotherapy
  • Postmarketing research, including adverce events, drug safety, pharmacoeconomics and cost–benefit issues