Patent for stem cell treatment for traumatic brain injury

Written by Alexandra Thompson

SanBio, Inc. (Mountain View, CA, USA) has been granted a patent by the Australian Patent Office for SB623, modified stem cells, for application in treating traumatic brain injuries.

The Australian Patent Office has granted SanBio, Inc. (Mountain View, CA, USA) a patent for its proprietary modified stem cells, SB623, which are aimed at treating traumatic brain injuries. The Australian Patent No. 2013263417 was formally issued on the 8th September this year, and the company will seek to gain patent coverage in other regions too.

Traumatic brain injuries can have debilitating and distressing effects, often requiring long-term rehabilitation and support to overcome severe neurological deficits, including cognitive and motor-function impairment. To date there are no approved medicines for the treatment of persistent motor disability from traumatic brain injury, meaning a transformative therapy is sorely needed.

Dr Damien Bates, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Research at SanBio, commented: “There are 5.3 million people living with chronic disabilities from traumatic brain injury in the United States and more than 700,000 in Australia. We hope that SanBio’s regenerative medicine, SB623, will be able to serve as a treatment option for these patients.”

SanBio is currently recruiting for a Phase 2 clinical trial to evaluate the
safety and efficacy of the use of SB623 to treat traumatic brain injury. The same proprietary product has also received patents for treating stroke and retinal degeneration, and a trial is also underway for investigating its application in chronic ischemic stroke patients.