Stem cell counting success leads to gene-edited cell therapy plans

Written by Alexandra Thompson

Following success in its crowdsourcing-supported adult tissue stem cell counting technology, Asymmetrex (MA, USA) is targeting applications to enable gene-editing therapies.

Earlier this year tissue stem cell biotechnology start-up company Asymmetrex, LLC (MA, USA) launched a crowdsourcing campaign to evaluate the range of applications for the company’s newly patented technology for counting adult tissue stem cells, and recent results of benchmark studies for its computer simulation technology for determining the number of stem cells in complex organ and tissue cell preparations have indicated continuing progress.

Following this, the Asymmetrex is now directing its attention to breaking down barriers hindering the success of emerging gene-editing cell therapy strategies. In previous months, the company has highlighted AlphaSTEM as being useful for analysis of pharmaceutical drug candidates that are toxic to tissue stem cells, but the company now believes the technology can be used to accelerate the development of novel gene-editing therapies.

Asymmetrex’s founder and director James L Sherley believes the combination of their tissue stem cell expansion and counting technologies will greatly speed up development of gene-editing therapies by helping to provide a higher number of gene-edited stem cells for transplantation therapy. “Our technologies could make a big difference in the rate of success in transforming new gene-editing technologies into effective new therapies,” said Sherley.