Successful Scaling of Cell Therapy Manufacturing While Achieving a 40% COG Reduction

Written by Terumo BCT

See how a clinical-stage biotechnology company and a contract development and manufacturing organization were successful in scaling cell therapy manufacturing.

Many cell therapies in development today leverage allogeneic cells in an effort to provide a ready-to-use product. Successful production and commercialization of these therapies will require processes that may be easily and cost-effectively scaled to provide commercially relevant batch sizes, while supporting adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and safeguarding the quality of the product.

Read this case study to see how the Quantum® Cell Expansion System increased cell production quantities from one billion cells to commercially relevant batch sizes while maintaining essential cell quality attributes. Additional highlights from this study include:

  • Required a small, non-classified space for breadth of new production work
  • Achieved 40 percent reduction in cost of goods (COG)
  • Required four weeks for training and technology transfer
  • Maintained cell viability and quality standards

With the market expected to soar in growth over the next ten years,it is wise to take notice of successful scaling efforts today. Consider how you might apply their learnings to your own future cell therapy manufacturing plans.

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