Suspension Culture Medium for human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs)

Written by STEMCELL Technologies

Suspension Culture Medium for human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs)

Introducing mTeSRâ„¢3D, formulated for hPSC expansion in suspension culture.

With its suspension-optimized formulation and simplified fed-batch workflow, mTeSRâ„¢3D enables scale up to 1 x 109 undifferentiated hPSCs in as little as 2-3 weeks, starting from a single 6-well plate.

mTeSRâ„¢3D and Fed-Batch Culture

mTeSRâ„¢3D employs a fed-batch strategy, which eliminates the need for daily medium exchanges, saving you time and medium.

Weekend-free passaging

To save your weekends, the protocol has been optimized with an alternating 3-day/4-day passaging schedule.

Maintenance of hPSC markers

Human PSCs expanded in the mTeSRâ„¢3D fed-batch culture system, have robust growth and maintain high expression of hPSC markers.

Look at the experimental data here.

The hPSC aggregates have consistent
morphology and are generally uniform in size at the end of each passage and
form aggregates of approximately 350-400
μm after 3-4 days in mTeSR™3D.

Browse our website’s technical resources and mTeSR-3D
specific page for additional information on scaling up your suspension culture.

Global Exclusive Licensing

mTeSRâ„¢3D is manufactured and sold under global exclusive license from Accellta for culture medium for hPSCs in suspension under feeder-free, non-adherent conditions.

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