TERMIS-EU PAP – Session 1: Introduction to the Regenerative Medicine Industry

Written by RegMedNet

18th October 2016: inaugural webinar of Pre-Accelerator Programme (PAP) as part of the TERMIS-EU Business Plan Competition (BPC).

TERMIS-EU PAP is a free programme of webinars open to entrepreneurial researchers at all stages of their career. It aims to help participants develop an understanding of the pre-market commercialisation challenges specific to the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM). It also allows prospective commercial entities to address previously unaccounted risks and concerns. This will provide the necessary know-how in preparation of a business plan for the TERMIS-EU Business Plan Competition (BPC).

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM) harnesses the power of cell- and gene-based therapies, often in combination with biomaterials, in order to provide targeted treatments for damaged tissues and a range of life-threatening diseases with previously unmet need. The global market is expected to exceed $20 billion (USD) by 2025 (Mason C, et al., 2011), with an annual growth rate of 21% (Scientia Advisors, 2010). This has led to a recent surge in development of novel therapies across academia, start-up biotech companies and multinational pharmaceutical corporations, driven primarily by technological innovation. Although there have been successes over the last decade, there have also been failures. The industry faces challenges with regards to the commercialisation and adoption of these novel therapeutics. During the course of these webinars we will highlight the issues of: satisfying regulatory requirements; access to capital finances; product valuation; reimbursement; and clinical advocacy.

Dr. Nihal Engin Vrana, VP of Scientific Affairs
PROTiP Medical, France

Dr. Christopher Gemmiti, Business Development Lead
Wyss Institute, Harvard University, USA

We use GotoWebinar, please join ahead of time to avoid any connection issues. If you are unable to attend, each session will be recorded and available through our website.

For more information on this webinar series, please visit our website: www.termisbpc.org/pre-accelerator