TERMIS PAP: Session 5 – Investment and Funding in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Written by Richard Balint

The fifth webinar in the 2016/2017 TERMIS PAP series was given by Mr Matthew Durdy, MBA, Chief Business Officer, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, UK; and Dr Crystal Ruff, MBA, Business Development Consultant at 8653224 Canada Inc.

When you are trying to get someone to get interested and invest in your company, the first things they need to know are NOT your business plan or the details of your science.

The following five points is what you need to demonstrate to be convincing:

Point 1: Accessible Need – There is a clear need for your product that is easily understood and described.

Point 2: The Product – You have a product that clearly addresses that need.

Point 3: Defensibility — You have a long-term advantage that you are able to exploit.

Point 4: The Team – You are able to deliver on what your proposition is.

Point 5: The Plan — You understand the key elements of your business plan.

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