Top 10 news articles of 2019

Written by RegMedNet

RegMedNet have collated the biggest news stories of 2019 to summarize the year.

We have collated the top ten, highest-impact news articles of the year for you, so you can check if you have missed any of the big news stories or merely remind yourself of the year if you’ve felt it’s gone too quickly.

10) Novel CAR-T Cell therapy removes the risk of severe side effects
Written by Mike Gregg — May 30

In April, University of Southern California researchers (CA, US) overcame a major hurdle and demonstrated an ability to reduce the side effects of CAR-T treatment by reducing their proliferation and cytokine production.

9) Cardiomyocyte differentiation is more efficient under microgravity

Written by Freya Leask — March 12

Scientists from the Academy of Military Medical Sciences (Beijing, China) sent murine induced pluripotent stem cells into space aboard the Tianzhou-1, enabling them to differentiate into cardiomyocytes more efficiently.

8) US federal court rules against clinics touting unregulated stem cell therapy

Written by Freya Leask — July 4

In July, US Stem Cell Clinic LLC and US Stem Cell Inc. (FL, USA) were reprimanded by a US district judge, receiving a permanent injunction, for their adulterated and misbranded stem cell drug products.

7) Study discovers placental stem cells that can repair the heart after heart attack

Written by Mike Gregg — May 21

The team from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (NY, US) identified Cdx2 placental stem cells as being able to contribute to heart regeneration after a heart injury in mice.

6) Gene-edited cell lines could be compatible with 90% of the world

Written by the RegMedNet team — May 1

At the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy Annual Meeting (April 29 — May 2, Washington, DC, USA), researchers from Japan suggested that genome-editing approaches could allow for 12 iPSC lines to treat 90% of the world.

5) Infection reported in Takahashi animal trial of ocular iPSC transplantation

Written by Freya Leask — May 5

Primates that had received a subretinal graft, constructed from iPSCs, developed an acute severe inflammation as a side effect due to mycoplasma.

4) UK government boosts expansion of cell therapy in the NHS with new standardization program

Written by the RegMedNet team — April 4

In a move to standardize the collection of biological materials prior to gene or cell therapy, the National Health Service (UK) announced the SAMPLE program.

3) World-first transplant of iPSC-derived epithelial cell sheet

Written by Freya Leask — September 3

Koji Nishida (Osaka University, Japan) headed a team developing a treatment for corneal epithelial cell exhaustion this September. Utilizing iPSCs, in a world-first, the cells were transplanted into the first of four patients.

2) CAR-T immunotherapy against autoimmune disease

Written by Alexander Marshall — November 8

This November, researchers from the Miller School of Medicine (FL, USA) announced the start of the first CAR-T cell therapy against an autoimmune condition, utilizing Treg cells to treat Myasthenia gravis.

1) Trodusquemine: a future treatment for heart disease and diabetic kidney disease?

Written by Mike Gregg — April 10

In April, Novo Biosciences (ME, USA) received fresh funding for their regenerative drug, trodusquemine after positive initial results.