UK regenerative medicine update: building on our own potential

Written by Alexandra Thompson

The Regenerative Medicine Expert Group (RMEG) has published an update on progress to support the growth of regenerative medicine for the UK

With its members coming from all areas concerned with regenerative medicine — institutes, big pharma, societies, public bodies, regulatory groups and so on — the Regenerative Medicine Expert Group (RMEG) is an expert group aiming to together help develop an NHS regenerative medicine strategy so that the UK’s NHS is fully prepared to deliver regenerative medicines, as well as assess the effect of regulation on the development of regenerative medicines in the UK.

On Tuesday 24th March, the RMEG published an update on what they recommend needs to be done to bring about the widespread adoption of these technologies within the UK, analyzing regulation and licensing; evaluation and commissioning; and delivery. Read the full report here.

A key point that I took away from the report was the continued and, furthermore, improved need for standardization, for example where there are currently products regulated under the European Union Tissue and Cells Directive (EUTCD) and others under ATMP regulations inconsistently.

Moving forward reports and efforts from groups like the RMEG will no doubt contribute to not just national and European but global collaboration and standardization. In turn, this will help bring safe and effective therapies to patients. What key points did you take away from the report? Let us know in the comments.