Umbilical cord blood-derived cellular allograft finds potential applications in bone regeneration

Written by Regenerative Medicine

New research has demonstrated that cytokines in an umbilical cord blood-derived product stimulate cellular processes important for bone regeneration. The study demonstrates that a uniquely processed umbilical cord blood product (UCBp) supports proliferation and migration of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and stimulates secretion of factors that promote osteogenic differentiation and neovascularization. These processes are crucial for bone regeneration, suggesting that processed allografts from UCB could have applications in orthopedic treatments like spinal fusions and bone nonunion. UCBp from 33 donors were profiled in this study to identify and quantify 44 different cytokines, which account for the pro-proliferative, pro-migratory, pro-angiogenic and...

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