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Launching the Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society: an interview with Anthony Atala

In this interview, Anthony Atala introduces the Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society, which held its inaugural meeting at the World Stem Cell Summit (22–26 January, FL, USA).

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Feb 14, 2018

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James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D. about 2 years ago

It is nice to hear that leaders of stem cell science and regenerative medicine are continuing to endeavor to develop forums that promote the collective and integrated collaboration of many scientists, physicians, and engineers to identify and solve the problems that currently impede progress.  However, in the reach for technology as the problem solver, it is also important to keep focus on the fundamental barriers that may require more intellectual engagement than technical development to solve.  In the area of stem cell manufacturing, the fundamental problems are 1) inducing reversible symmetric self-renewal of tissue stem cells; and 2) having a means to count tissue stem cells specifically and quantitatively.  If these fundamental elements of tissue stem cell biology continue to be ignored or overlooked, no degree of technology, automation, or engineering will achieve the stem cell manufacturing goals of RMMS or any other admirable and well-intended collective efforts.

James Sherley

Waiting for engagement at Asymmetrex

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Fiona Fitzgerald about 2 years ago

This is a really interesting initiative and we would like to know more about the mandate.  I represent CellCan a knowledge mobilization network in Canada that shares  manufacturing practices in Canada in a GMP environment.  We face common issues and this type of collaboration is essential as we scale-up and scale out.  I am happy to connect you with the scientific leadership of CellCan to discuss mutual interests.

Fiona Fitzgerald