Highly efficient T cell manufacturing process with reduced handling steps using CellGenix® reagents in the G-Rex® system

Discover how enhanced T cell expansion along with the generation of an early differentiated phenotype can be achieved.

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The manufacturing process of T cell products such as CAR-T cells needs to yield a sufficient number of cells with defined properties in a reasonable time frame. Defined reagents and procedures are important for a fully commercializable manufacturing process, suitable for T-cell production at scales required for a clinically available therapy, whilst a reasonable time frame is important for cell viability, patient access and cost-effectiveness.

In this application note, discover how enhanced T cell expansion along with the generation of an early differentiated phenotype can be achieved using the G-Rex® system with CellGenix serum-free reagents, such as CellGenix® T Cell Medium (CellGenix TCM) supplemented with CellGenix® IL-7 and IL-15.

Using serum-free reagents in your bioprocessing removes potential risk or variability introduced when using human serum, yielding a product with a low proportion of PD-1+ cells. The G-Rex® system reduces handling steps for more efficient production, eliminating the need to change media and refeed cytokines over an 11-day culture.

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CellGenix is a leading global supplier of high-quality raw materials for the expanding cell and gene therapy and regenerative medicine space. We develop, manufacture and market human cytokines and growth factors, in preclinical and GMP quality, along with GMP serum-free media for further manufacturing of advanced therapeutic medical products. With more than 25 years of experience we are experts in the GMP manufacturing of raw materials for the cell and gene therapy space. As a former advanced therapeutic medical products developer and manufacturer we gained in-depth cell culture knowledge and superior regulatory expertise. With this unique background we understand the high requirements our customers face during product development and the regulatory approval process. By offering expert technical and regulatory support we can help simplify raw material qualification and validation efforts.

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