How NICE view advanced therapies: an interview with Pilar Pinilla Domí­nguez

Written by RegMedNet

At Phacilitate Leaders Europe 2019 (London, UK), Pilar Pinilla Domí­nguez, a senior scientific adviser from the UK’s regulatory agency NICE (London, UK), discusses regulating advanced therapies.

Pilar Pinilla-Domínguez, a senior advisor from NICE (London, UK), the UK’s healthcare regulator, talked to RegMedNet during Phacilitate Leaders Europe 2019 (London, UK). As a guest speaker at the conference, she spoke on the ‘reimbursement models for advanced therapies’, a session co-organized by MedCity (London, UK).

In our latest interview, you can listen to her discuss how NICE approach regulating advanced therapeutic medical products (ATMPs) in the UK, the impact of CAR-T therapy has had on the field and also the importance of hearing the patients’ voice when designing and considering therapies.