The challenge of mycoplasma: an interview with Mike Brewer

Written by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Mike Brewer (Thermo Fisher Scientific; MA, USA) discusses the problem that mycoplasma can cause cell therapies, and what Thermo Fisher Scientific is doing to help combat it.

Whilst at Phacilitate Leaders World and World Stem Cell Summit 2020 (FL, USA), Mike Brewer (Thermo Fisher Scientific; MA, USA) sat down with RegMedNet to discuss how mycoplasma can cause serious problems for the advancement and production of cellular therapies.

Microorganism sterility has been an ever-present issue for the regenerative medicine field and the production of advanced therapeutic medical products (ATMPs), with high-profile clinical trials failing due to the presence of mycoplasma.

Mike Brewer is Director, Global Principal Consultant, Regulatory at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and has a considerable history in the field of sterility testing. In our exclusive interview, he discusses how the field has been hindered by current technologies, how regulators are changing and adapting to the needs of cellular therapies, and how the MycoSeq technology developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific has evolved to meet the demands of individuals at the cutting edge of the field.

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