“We want to make the future happen faster”: WSCS14 begins today!

Written by Alexandra Thompson

Today marks the start of the 10th WSCS, taking place in San Antonio,

By now the exhibition stands, posters and presentations are hopefully all ready and the delegates and attendees ready are raring to go, as today is the first day of the World Stem Cell Summit’s three-day showcase of expertise and enlightenment, insight and innovation.

Members of the regenerative medicine community from all over the world and from all areas and disciplines are attending this event with one common belief: we all believe in the power and potential of stem cell therapy, and that in the future it will make a huge, revolutionary difference to heathcare. As Bernard Siegel, founder and Executive Director of Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) and co-chair of the World Stem Cell Summit so concisely and accurately summarised yesterday, “we want to make the future happen faster.” This conference is essential as it unites so many different people and areas, and making this future a reality sooner requires everyone within the field working together.

This resonates with me personally because at RegMedNet we really do believe that regenerative medicine can and will have a huge impact on healthcare in the future, but that there is so much more we can all do to better learn and collaborate, to speed up progress. What people love about conferences, making new contacts and gaining knowledge, we want to happen for everyone every day, regardless of who and where you are in the field: this is why we have developed our network. Nothing will replace the fun and excitement of a conference, but we want the easy access to people and information and collaborative attitude you see at conferences to be an everyday rather than special occasion occurrence.

The WSCS14 is just a few hours away from beginning – as Bernard has again said, at the summit “The more potential partners that meet and the more connections that are made will accelerate the development of the global cures and treatments we are all working for.” We hope everyone attending has a great time and get the information and connections to help them progress and ultimately succeed in their areas of this exciting field.