Achieving cost-effective, scalable high-titer AAV production


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Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is rapidly becoming the go-to biological delivery method for the latest gene therapy breakthroughs. AAV has an efficacy and safety profile that makes it an ideal therapeutic vector – already part of several high-profile drug approvals in both the USA and Europe. Yet, with this intensified interest in AAV therapies comes the need to scale-up viral production methods. As such, it’s imperative that successful viral production delivers high titers cost effectively and is scalable. During this webinar session, our presenter will highlight a scalable, high-titer, simplified AAV production in the AAV-MAX Helper-Free AAV Production System.

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What will you learn?

  • Methods to increase AAV titers, reducing overall production costs
  • Scalable protocols for suspension systems, from shake flask to bioreactor scale
  • Streamlining a helper virus-free triple transfection protocol to simplify workflow

Who may this interest?

  • Clinical laboratory scientists/staff scientists/research scientists
  • Principal investigators
  • Lab managers
  • Process development managers
  • Core facility managers


Chao Yan Liu

Senior Manager, Cell Biology

Thermo Fisher Scientific (MD, USA)

Chao Yan Liu is a R&D Senior Manager of Cell Biology at the Life Sciences Solutions Group based in Frederick. Liu received an MD degree from the Hebei Medical University (PR China) and a Master’s degree in Pathology from the Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing (PR China). She received her post-doctoral training at the Blood Research Institute, Medical School of Wisconsin (WI, USA), and then became a research assistant professor at the University of Buffalo (NY, USA).

After being very active for more than 10 years in academic research in the field of cellular biology and immunology, in 2005 she joined the Research and Development department of the former Life Technologies (CA, USA). She has made great contributions to over ten of the GIBCO® brand Cell Culture Essential products including AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System, OpTmizer™ CTS™ T-Cell Expansion SFM, TrypLE™ Select Enzyme, ES Cell Qualified FBS, GlutaMAX™ media supplement, FreeStyle™ F17 Expression Medium and CD FortiCHO™ Medium. She has extensive experience in mammalian cell culture, serum- and protein-free, chemically defined medium formulation, as well as protein expression. She served as a leading scientist to develop two novel transient protein transfection systems, Expi293™ and ExpiCHO™ Expression Systems. Over the past 3 years, she and her team focused on both the AAV-Max viral production system and next-generation protein expression system development.


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