Why we are excited about the WSCS14

Written by Alexandra Thompson

Only a couple of days to go until the Summit starts on the 3rd December!

As we are about to board our flight to Dallas then off to San Antonio for the WSCS14, here are a handful of reasons why we are excited to attend the WSCS next week.

1. Massive, global, multidisciplinary meeting: it unites a huge and diverse community with the common aim of showcasing innovation, insight and inspiration to help drive the field further forward. More than 1400 attendees are expected from dozens of countries, covering all disciplines and areas of the field, from policymakers to philanthropists, from researchers to regulators.

2. Calibre of speakers: the Summit features renowned international experts who are true leaders and innovators in stem cells. The organisers have done an incredible job!

3. Face to face: as an international community we spend a lot of time communicating online or by phone, so it is wonderful to be able to see and hear from people in person for a change.

4. Content: there are a range of presentations, from talks to panel discussions, covering essential stem cell topics. ‘From Protecting Your Intellectual Property’ and ‘Growing Whole Organs’ to the thrilling-sounding ‘Enabling Stem Cell Research in Space for Life on Earth’, it’s all covered! There is clearly a lot we can learn at this event.

5. Texas: we’ve never been to Texas. Will need to try and squeeze in some sightseeing…

6. It’s my first big conference: this is exciting for me personally as I’ve never attended an event like this before; I’m a good mix of nervous and thrilled.

7. Launching RegMedNet: last but not least, we are of course excited because we are officially launching RegMedNet!