Bio-Techne aims to accelerate life sciences research, solve complex challenges, improve patient diagnostics, and increase laboratory productivity. Bio-Techne brings together the prestigious life science research brands of R&D Systems, Novus Biologicals, Tocris Bioscience, ACD, and Protein Simple to provide stem cell and organoid researchers with high-quality reagents to optimize and standardize their workflow. Products from across Bio-Techne brands have been cited over 350,000 times in scientific journals. In addition to producing consistent and highly bioactive growth factors, immunoassays, and small molecules for stem cell and organoid culture, our in-house developed essential and specialized media, differentiation kits, and verification kits are being used globally to make advancements in these burgeoning fields. Bio-Techne also offers a dedicated custom and scale up service enabling use of our industry-renowned product development expertise to help expedite your research.

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Product information & protocols

Extend your matrix shelf life: tips for aliquoting R&D Systems Cultrex BME
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Dome organoid methods: Using R&D Systems Cultrex Basement Membrane Extract
BME thick coating method: Using BME to promote the formation of 3D structures
BME thin coating method: R&D Systems BME handling protocol

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