LiQD Cornea supports corneal regeneration in porcine model

Written by Ebony Torrington

Researchers from Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Research Centre (Montréal, Canada) have developed a new treatment, LiQD Cornea, for corneal regeneration, as an alternative to corneal transplantation. The results of the study are available to read in Science Advances. LiQD Cornea is a cell-free, synthetic, biocompatible and adhesive liquid hydrogel matrix. The liquid consists of short collagen-like peptides conjugated with polyethylene glycol and mixed with fibrinogen. LiQD Cornea promotes adhesion which occurs spontaneously at body temperature within 5 minutes. The research team tested the formula in porcine corneas and found that injection of the LiQD could seal the wound gape of full-thickness corneal...

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