Bio-Techne announces launch of Cultrex UltiMatrix BME to support organoid and pluripotent stem cell cultures

Written by Bio-Techne

MINNEAPOLIS, March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bio-Techne Corporation (NASDAQ: TECH) today announced the release of Cultrex™ UltiMatrix™ Reduced Growth Factor Basement Membrane Extract (RGF BME), an extracellular matrix hydrogel that provides significant performance and consistency benefits for culturing organoids and pluripotent stem cells. UltiMatrix RGF BME addresses the market need for a dependable, high concentration cell scaffolding matrix with compositional and physical properties specifically designed for use in generating advanced 2D and 3D cell culture models. Cultrex UltiMatrix RGF BME matrix improvements include increased total protein content, optimized extracellular matrix protein composition, high levels of entactin, and improved tensile strength while reducing the dependency on supplemental growth factors.

“Cultrex UltiMatrix BME offers improvements to matrix hydrogels that are urgently needed to support the increased use of organoids and pluripotent stem cells for drug discovery research, personalized medicine, and regenerative medicine. We’re very excited to add this advanced matrix to our portfolio,” said Dave Eansor, President, Protein Sciences Segment.

The full line of Cultrex BME can be found on the R&D Systems Website: Cultrex BME

Bio-Techne continues to support organoid and stem cell research by manufacturing reagents critical for cell culture, including recombinant proteins, small molecules, extracellular matrices, media and media supplements.

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Overcoming cell therapy manufacturing challenges with closed, modular and automated solutions

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In this workflow, discover how to overcome cell therapy manufacturing challenges with closed, modular and automated solutions. This infographic, which has been created by RegMedNet in association with Thermo Fisher Scientific (CA, USA), provides you with the top manufacturing challenges and solutions across the autologous T-cell therapy workflow, and guides you through putting these solutions into practice.

RMN In Focus Thermo Fisher_GR_28JUL2021

Illustrated by Hannah Morton (Future Science Group, London, UK).