Exploring the need for tissue stem cell counting: a podcast

Listen to the Counting Stem Cells podcast from James Sherley, the founder of Asymmetrex (MA, USA), and interviewer Jordan Rich (MA, USA) as they discuss the latest developments in counting tissue stem cells.

Asymmetrex (MA, USA) continues to complement its introduction of new, needed tissue stem cell technologies with educational campaigns to increase industry awareness of the needs and challenges faced by regenerative medicine and drug development. In its latest educational initiative, Asymmetrex enters the world of podcasts with its new ‘Counting Stem Cells’ series.

Episode one introduces general stem cell biology and is a compelling introduction into the current state of the field, with the pair covering issues such as the ethical conundrums and media perceptions of stem cells, the US FDA’s (MD, USA) battle against unproven clinics, and the challenges holding stem cell medicine back.

Hosted by James Sherley, M.D., Ph.D., the founder of Asymmetrex, the six-part podcast looks at the development of tissue stem cell counting and the ‘unspoken’ issues within the field as he is interviewed by retired radio host, and now podcast producer, Jordan Rich (MA, USA).

“We cannot continue to work in the field of stem cell science, stem cell medicine, blindly.”

You can listen to all six episodes of the series below and follow Dr. Sherley as he shares his opinions on how poor tissue stem cell counting is hindering the field.

Episode one

In episode one, Sherley discusses how stem cells are being utilized in medicine and the often-ignored issue hiding behind nearly all stem cell treatments — including approved ones.

Episode two

Jordan Rich and James Sherley continue to unpick the field in episode two of the series, diving into the persistent and unacknowledged problems that may limit the field’s effectiveness.

Episode three

How big a problem is the lack of accurate stem cell numbers in therapies? Sherley explains why he believes we need to adjust our thinking to maximize the stem cell revolution.

Episode four

Listen as James Sherley discusses how new technologies can address the stem cell counting problem and improve clinical trials in the fourth episode of the series.

Episode five

Episode six

What are the wider implications of stem cell counting? Listen as James Sherley and Jordan Rich discuss the impact the technology could have on drug development and environmental health analyses.

In the final episode of the series, hear James Sherley and Jordan Rich look to the horizon and the future of stem cell therapies to explore specific and accurate stem cell counting’s important role in the progress.

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