Scaling up cell therapy manufacture: an interview with Ankita Desai

In this podcast, Eppendorf Bioprocess Field Application Specialist Ankita Desai discusses the challenges of scaling up a cell therapy.

In this podcast, part of our focus on cell therapy development, Ankita Desai, Bioprocess Field Application Specialist, Eppendorf (Hamburg, Germany), discusses the challenges of scaling up a cell therapy and the advantages of a bioreactor-led method.

  • 0:42 How abundant are stem cells in the body, and how many could be required for a dose of a cell therapy?
  • 1:31 Why is it a challenge to scale up stem cells?
  • 2:54 What are some common methods used and what are their downsides?
  • 3:45 How could use of a bioreactor help in the scale up of stem cells?
  • 4:56 How can temperature, pH and levels of dissolved oxygen affect cell growth?
  • 6:45 How does seeding on aggregate vs microcarriers affect the scaled-up cells?
  • 8:07 What challenges might researchers who are moving from existing methods to a bioreactor-led method face?
  • 9:06 What resources are available to help researchers overcome these?
  • 9:45 What do you think is the future of stem cell scale up for cell therapies? 

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