New ID·Fiber Optic Kit set to illuminate the ‘black box’ of cell culture

Written by Scientific Bioprocessing

Cell culture has traditionally been too reliant on manual, invasive processes and highly limited, static monitoring of cell conditions. This is beginning to change, however, as new cell monitoring, measurement and control tools like fiber optic sensing are shedding light into the ‘black box’ of cell culture.

Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc.’s (SBI; PA, USA) newly launched pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) ID·Fiber Optic Kit provides research scientists brand new sensing opportunities in vessel locations not possible before. SBI’s new fiber optic kit can monitor cell conditions in real time without disrupting the culture environment, even within the smallest form factors. Data collected from the sensors have revealed many cell secrets including how quickly cells become anoxic and how DO is distributed inside a bioreactor at different liquid depths and locations.

The ID·Fiber Optic Kit empowers accurate, real-time cell culture ecosystem measurement and increased experiment controls with seamless integration into unique culture vessel designs. Deploying SBI’s fiber optics sensors is easy and they can be positioned virtually anywhere inside any vessel, including organ-on-a-chip devices, which is an industry first for this sector of cell culture investigation.

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